A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Warning: this game contains occasional flashing images. If this poses a health risk to you, please proceed with caution.

Slay the Princess is a horror game, and it is not intended for children or those easily disturbed. Please visit our website (https://www.blacktabbygames.com/content-warnings) if you need a full list of content warnings.

You're on a path in the woods, and at the end of that path is a cabin. And in the basement of that cabin is a Princess.

You're here to slay her. If you don't, it will be the end of the world.

She will do everything in her power to stop you. She'll charm, and she'll lie, and she'll promise you the world, and if you let her, she'll kill you a dozen times over. You can't let that happen. Don't forget, the fate of the world rests on your shoulders.

... don't you trust me?


  • A princess. She's very bad and you have to get rid of her for all our sakes.
  • No, the Princess isn't a cosmic horror. She's just an ordinary human Princess, and you can definitely slay her as long as you put your mind to it.
  • Don't even think about trying to romance her. It won't end well for you.
  • Hopefully you won't die. But if you do, you'll die a lot. Be careful and stay focused on the task at hand!
  • Time loops No time loops. Don't be ridiculous. Time is a strictly linear concept and it certainly doesn't "loop," whatever that's supposed to mean.
  • A branching narrative where what you say and what you believe determines both your build and how the story unfolds.
  • A new roleplaying experience from the creators of Scarlet Hollow.
  • Fully voice-acted by the impeccable Jonathan Sims and Nichole Goodnight.

Download demo

Slay the Princess Demo — Now with Shaders! 1 GB

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The game is really interesting and love all the choices and outcomes that happens in the story! 

Im romancing here and theres nothing anyone can do even if i die

Had a blast with this demo, the Narrator is too fun to disobey. I can't wait for the full release!

I've been putting off the new chapters in Scarlet Hollow cause I wanted to wait for the full release... but honestly this is just gonna make me play it now lol

Full Demo No Commentry

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Release this soon i'm begging you

Me seeing the trailer: Oh, looks like a four star game. I wanna try it.

Me after getting stepped on by the Princess: YEEEEES FIVE STARS!

Seriously, this quickly became one of my most anticipated 2023 games. I cannot wait for the full version!

Hi managed to stumble on to this on steam and wow was it worth playing just the demo alone has so much content I was so surprised I just kept finding more routes. Full game has a lotta hype now good luck! Here's ,y all endings playthrough - 

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Very interesting and I will follow this, however I will say I never had experienced frame drops on a VN before lol. And it's not like I have a weak PC. Disabling the wave effect fixes it but it takes a lot out imo

Unique game concept, awesome art and sound design.

Very fresh and artistic horror vision.

That feeling when you are scared because nothing "unusual" is happening on the screen...

Gotta Say though I didn't have enough time to go through all the endings the 3 - 4 that I did see was just SO GOOD!! I absolutely loved this & I can't wait for the full release of this gem.

I can't wait for the full game 10/10

I shall spend multiple hours experimenting and testing as much as I can.  Overall, I really enjoy this game! Thank you <3

The game should have a fps limiter because it's consuming more resources than it needs, it's using 80% of my pc and it's too much for a 2D graphic novel game. It is very easy to implement, pls consider it ;)


Hi – as of the latest update, the framerate should be locked at at max of 30fps, and there have been numerous optimizations to the animations. That being said, the game runs natively at 1080p and uses layered animations to create the parallax effect when you move your mouse, so it's still going to be more hardware intensive than your average VN.

To make things more accessible to players, we also added an animation toggle in the preferences section of the game that can let you swap those animations out for still images, which reduces the resource load to be completely negligible.

Very nice mystery novel and the voice acting is good.

I've been going into it again and again, and I've been having a great time just seeing how many options and alternatives are crammed into this small demo. I'm really excited to see what comes in the future!

Post demo survey if anyone wants to fill it out! https://forms.gle/PizcJv6qmTiUEfrv8

i downloaded it, but when i started it the game didn't start, and i don't know what to do :/

please help.

What operating system are you on?

windows 7 ultimate 64bit

Deleted 180 days ago
Deleted 180 days ago

Have you tried running as an administrator? And are you running the correct executable? (The .exe rather than the .sh or .app?)

yes, i tried, but it doesn't work...

the problem is not that you didn't put a 32bit and 64bit separated? or i don't know...

I really enjoyed the demo of Slay The Princess. Because my feedback was not enough in the video, so I’d like to add some more here instead. I really appreciate that the stereotypical “SAVE The Princess” style has transformed into suspense and psychological tactics horror. Thanks to the effort of the voice acting, players might be able to have rich immersive visual novel experience. The art style is quite simple but I almost got 90s manga comic vibe. The demo gives you a plenty of time to understand the game. I’m looking forward to the full release. Even though Japanese language is not available yet, I’m hoping to see the option in the official release. The subtitle within you see in the video was added by me. It's not official but I hope this helps to reach Japanese market. 




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Really cool game, reminds me of stanly parable, so I had to go and defy the narrator at all cost!

Make an android release too!!!

Holy hell this is incredible! I've never seen a demo so good! I have literally no critiques, the endings you can achieve are already interesting, the game demands your attention and makes you curious from the get go. My favorite voice is The Narrator, the guy should not do anything different cuz he's perfect and I love him lol. 

One question though, will the full game have option to lower the graphics? Maybe the ability to make the screen stop moving with the mouse if we want? As much as I liked it, I was also dropping frames. It was pretty bad.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for this one, very ambitious project.


We’re working on a graphics toggle that should be patched into the demo before the end of the week!

I'm obsessed

the stranger and the nightmare gave me chills.

A horrow visual novel with this much branching and this good of art is one thing, but a fully voice acted one? by Jonathan Sims, the voice of the magnus archives? It can't get any better. Even the demo feels like it could be a full game withthe amount that's gone into it. 10/10 would reccommend.

Wonderful art, great voice acting, and a compelling start to the story.  Can't wait for the full version to come out!

Gave the Demo a Let's Play, the Princess is very charming. :) 

I'm already obsessed with this game. Only two achievements in the demo I haven't gotten, and I'm determined to find them!


Quite honestly the best demo I've ever played! An engrossing and strange story,  gorgeous/disturbing art and top notch voice acting! Really looking forward to the full game!


This demo was great! Lots of fun ideas and interactions, can't wait to see what happens as more events start occurring.